Refund and Returns and Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

The transportation rate calculation is only available automatically for a maximum of 10 kg of weight.
If the order is greater than a total of 10kg, the customer must use the contact form so that we can offer the best transport prices.

Original box weight: 893 gr
Case Weight: 110 gr
Mini box weight: 55gr

The transportation rate calculation is only available automatically for Spain and Portugal.
If the order is for outside of Spain or Portugal, the customer must use the contact form so that we can offer the best transportation prices.

Between 24 and 72 hours for Spain and Portugal.
Between 3 and 6 days for International shipments.

Spain (Prices by Province)

Province of Barcelona: €5,68 € up to 2Kg + 0,37 per additional Kg
Provinces of Cataluña: €6.16 up to 2Kg + 0.46 per additional Kg
Provinces of Andalucía, Aragón, Cantabria, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Madrid, Navarra, Comunidad Valenciana, Extremadura, Galicia, País Vasco, Asturias, Murcia y La Rioja: €6.74 up to 2Kg + 0.54 per additional Kg

Islas Baleares: 16.07 up to 2 kg + 4.09 per additional kg
Islas Canarias: 18.35 up to 2 kg + 6.22 per additional kg
Ceuta: 25.43 up to 2kg + 12.72 per additional kg
Melilla: 18.30 up to 2kg + 6.15 per additional kg

Peninsular Portugal: €13.95 up to 2Kg / €15.15 up to 5KG / €26.01 up to 10kg

Refund and Returns

At DeliceBox, we strive to provide products of the highest quality and ensure delivery in optimal conditions. We understand that unforeseen situations may arise, and therefore, we have adjusted our return policy to offer you a more convenient solution. Below, we outline our new return for replacement policy:

  1. Damaged Boxes in Transit:
    • We will accept claims for boxes damaged during transit provided that the original plastic wrapping is retained.

It is essential for the customer to keep the plastic wrapping as evidence of the package’s integrity during transit.

  1. Claim Period:
    • Customers have a one-week window, starting from the reception date, to submit a claim for damaged boxes.
  2. Claim and Replacement Procedure:
    • To initiate a claim, customers must take clear photographs of the damaged product and send them via email to

Upon receiving the claim, we will coordinate the dispatch of a courier to collect the damaged boxes and deliver new boxes in perfect condition.

  1. Replacement Processing Time:
    • The replacement coordination and review process may take between one week and 10 business days.

Once coordinated, the courier will perform the pickup and delivery to the specified address.

  1. Contact for Claims and Replacement Coordination:

Please provide detailed information about the claim and attach the corresponding images.

We appreciate our customers’ understanding and cooperation in adhering to these policies. At DeliceBox, we are committed to resolving any issues efficiently and fairly, now offering the option of return for replacement for your convenience. We are here to provide exceptional service and ensure your satisfaction.


The DeliceBox Team

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